We’ve developed a thorough detailing service that gives you the best possible interior and exterior clean available in Brisbane.

Our dedicated staff provide express details right through to For Sale Preparation Details incorporating Buffing and Polishing leaving your car looking and feeling like new again. We also offer a range of optional extras such as carpet shampooing, paint protectant, air conditioning anti bacterial treatment and leather treatment.

In short, we offer the most comprehensive detailing service available at a more affordable price than our competitors. And to help you pass the time while you wait, we have delicious snacks and coffee in our Coffee Lounge at Holland Park and Alderley.

Remember, detailing doesn’t just help your car look showroom presentable, it also helps preserve its value. As well as cleaning your vehicle, our paint protectant is a complete surface protectant that keeps your car cleaner for longer, helps with visibility and protects against road grime and other contaminants.