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What are your Express Tunnel Wash business hours?2021-11-16T09:49:02+10:00

Exterior Wash 8am – 5pm.

What are your detailing business hours?2023-12-06T17:00:53+10:00

Detailing Services: Monday to Saturday 8am – 4pm.

What are the maximum height restrictions?2021-11-16T09:49:52+10:00

2.1m in the Express Tunnel Wash. 3.5m in Self Serve Bays.

Do you have credit card payment facilities?2021-11-16T09:50:24+10:00

Yes we offer credit card payment on all of our services.

Will the Tunnel Wash scratch my car?2021-11-16T09:50:49+10:00

No, we have the latest state of the art neo-tex soft cloth, this is soft to the touch and made with non-porous self cleaning material that resists grit and dirt from becoming imbedded delivering a scratch free wash experience.

What is the daily cut off time for detailing?2023-12-06T17:01:31+10:00

No detailing on Sundays

Do I need to book for a detail?2023-12-06T17:02:11+10:00

No booking required, Just come in between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday’s

Do I need to book for an exterior tunnel wash?2021-11-16T09:52:07+10:00

No booing required. Just come in between 8am and 5pm, 7 days a week.

How long does a detail take?2021-11-16T09:52:39+10:00

Depends on which detail package you choose. For example Express Wash & Vac is approximately 30 mins. Deluxe Detail is approx. 45 mins – 1 hour. It also depends how busy we are and if you’re requiring extra services on top of the detail package.

Can I leave my car with you to be detailed?2021-11-16T09:53:02+10:00

Yes as long as it is picked up by 5pm on the day of the detail.

How long does it take to go through the tunnel wash?2021-11-16T09:53:24+10:00

5 minutes.

Do you have a Coffee Lounge?2021-11-16T09:53:48+10:00

Yes we have comfortable, air conditioned Coffee Lounges with Nespresso Coffee and Snack Vending Machines, TV’s, children’s play area and IPAD stations.

Do you hand dry every car?2021-11-16T09:54:07+10:00

Yes we believe that every car should be finished with a hand dry.

Will the tunnel wash damage my paint protection?2021-11-16T09:54:29+10:00

No. Our wash runs with PH neutral products combined with our neo- tex soft cloth technology which will not affect your ceramic/paint protection.

Do you have an underbody wash?2021-11-16T09:54:55+10:00

Yes in Bay 4 at Holland Park and Bay 2 and 3 at Alderley. Just $12 for 3 minutes and delivers 23 litres a minute of town water (not recycled water) with 800 psi high pressure water jets.

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