Every car has its own kind of beauty, although it doesn’t take a car enthusiast to realise that not every car is created equal. Still, if you love your car, it makes sense that you want it to look as good as it possibly can.

As well as making sure that your car is mechanically ready to drive, you should also keep it clean and in good condition. A clean car says something about the person who drives it. It shows that you care about the big and little things, and it can impress when it matters.

There’s a difference between a basic car wash and a car detailing job, however. Let’s break it down.

A Clean Car is a Maintained Car

First things first, cleaning your car isn’t just about appearances. It’s the same as your personal hygiene. Keeping your body clean helps you to stay healthy and reduces the risk of getting certain illnesses. This applies to your car as well.

For example, if your car is covered in dirt and mud, this can introduce moisture into your paintwork and even the chassis of your car itself. If you don’t get this mud cleaned off, the moisture can’t escape and dry. In time, this can damage the paintwork and lead to rust.

Rust is one of those things that is very difficult to get rid of. It can spread without you noticing and cause a huge amount of damage to your bodywork. You may eventually need to replace whole panels just to get rid of rust and the subsequent damage.

Interior Cleaning

Many people don’t know exactly what their car goes through. But if you think about it, you’d probably want to wash your car more often. If you spend long periods of time in your car, that’s all time that dirt, sweat, hair, and skin cells are all being dropped onto the interior of your car.

Think about how often you change your bedsheets. You might not spend a full eight hours in your car every day, but you’d be surprised at how much time you do spend in there.

This isn’t even considering days or weeks of hard use, like long commutes or days when you go for a hike or to the beach. Everything on your shoes and clothes gets transferred to your car interior.

If you eat in your car, you introduce even more debris and potentially pest issues. Ideally, you remove any wrappers or other debris from your car when you get out, but there will still be residue left behind.

Get the Experts For Your Car Detailing Moorooka

The only way to give your car the TLC it needs and deserves is to get the experts in. Yes, it’s a good idea to vacuum out your car interior yourself now and then, but car detailing goes the extra mile. In some ways, you’re restoring your car to the way it should be.

Zoom Car Wash offers a full detailing service, which could be described as a spa session for your car, if you’re into that. We have the equipment and the skills required to fully rejuvenate your car and give it a deep clean and detail.

As well as a basic cleaning service, a car detailing service can involve so much more, depending on your needs and your budget. At the bare minimum, we will wash the exterior of your car and vacuum the inside, but you can customise your detailing however you like.

A detailing service can take between 30 minutes and about an hour, depending on how extensive the clean is and how busy Zoom Car Wash is. You can either wait on site with a nice cup of coffe, take advantage of some of our other services like our doggy wash, or leave your car with us and pick it up before 5pm that day.

When you get your car detailed by Zoom Car Wash, you’re taking advantage of our skills and our passion. We will take as much care as possible with your car, and we use state of the art equipment to make sure that our cloths won’t scratch your car or damage the paintwork. 

After a wash, every car is hand-dried to perfection. A deluxe detailing package will leave you with a beautifully polished, shampooed car with wheel gleam, a fragranced interior, and fully dressed plastics. Again, you can add on extras as you wish for a fully personalised detailing experience.

So what are you waiting for? You don’t need to make an appointment, just bring your car over to one of our Zoom Car Wash locations today.