There are a range of reasons you should allow Zoom to handle your fleet cleaning.

Ensure a clean, professional image

Zoom uses leading, soft cloth technology to give your fleet the best possible clean. Our cleaning and detailing team will leave your vehicles with a clean, professional look that portrays the right image to your customers and the public. We also have a range of cleaning options to suit your preferences and budget.

Save time

Our Soft Cloth Auto Wash will have you in and out in 5 minutes.

Be Green

Zoom is the first car wash in Brisbane to be awarded a 5-star rating under the Australian Car Wash Water Saver Rating Scheme.

Zoom recycles 90% of water and guarantees that ALL toxic waste is collected by an EPA approved company and professionally processed – nothing goes into Moreton Bay so together we can protect the environment

This makes it even more eco-friendly than washing at home, where toxins can run into drains or the ground and enter the water supply. Our Soft Cloth Technology uses less water than any other method, including home cleaning and we also have the ability to store up to 200,000 litres on site.

In short, by washing your fleet at Zoom you’ll be taking the eco-friendly option and improving your green credentials.

Protect Your Cars

Our Soft Cloth technology is the fastest and safest way to clean your car. It won’t ruin your car’s paintwork and helps it to retain value. Staff will be in and out in 5 minutes and back to work asap.

Enjoy a very attractive fleet offer

Our fleet service offers you excellent value for any size fleet. We have pre-paid cards available with extra free credit for every package purchased so your staff can come to Zoom with the vehicle themselves. We offer either one card per car or one per fleet and tax invoices and monthly receipts are available.

Contact us today to discuss a fleet cleaning option tailored to your business.