Car washing has changed a lot over the years, from the first automated washes in the 1940s in America, to the high tech systems used today.  However, it’s not just the brushes and methods that have evolved.

Technology, including apps now allows you to save time and money at the car wash. The Zoom App allows you to earn reward points quickly and easily. Just by checking in with your smartphone, taking a photo or inviting a friend, you’ll be credited with points you can use to reduce the cost of your wash. The app allows you to easily track your points as they accumulate, so you can see your savings.

You can find out your washing options and see when events that would interest you are on, along with opening hours, contact info and other useful information you need to know.

The Zoom App is iOs and Android compatible. Stay tuned for release dates and be sure to download it to get more out of your next wash.