Nothing quite beats a clean car, but cleaning your car at home isn’t always a convenient option. Using a self-service car wash is a great way to clean your car, providing you with all the equipment and cleaning supplies necessary for an effective clean.

At Zoom Carwash, we know everything there is to know about car washing. Learn how to use a self-service car wash with the help of our top tips.

1. Find an empty bay

The first step is to park up in an empty spot. On busy days, you may need to wait for a space to become free. Be patient, your turn will come.

2. Get your car ready

Next, you need to prep your car. Make sure the windows and doors are closed to stop water and soap from getting inside your vehicle, and gather all of the supplies you need to start your clean. At Zoom Carwash, we have automated wash options to help tailor your clean to your needs.

3. Pre-soak the vehicle

Use the Pre-soak feature to prep your car for the main wash. Many people forget to pre-soak their vehicle, but there are several reasons why you don’t want to skip this step. Pre-soaking will help to loosen up stubborn dirt ready to be wiped away for a more thorough clean. It will also help you save time so you can enjoy your clean car in no time.

4. Tackle the tyres and engine

Use the Tyres and Engine setting to loosen the grease and dirt from your car. This dedicated setting will help tackle those hard-to-reach areas to ensure even the trickiest areas of your car are cleaned.

5. Switch to the High-Pressure Soak

Here’s where the fun begins! The High-Pressure Soak setting works hard to remove the road film from your car. Pre-soaking should have made this step much easier, helping you to remove road film quickly and easily.

6. Use the foam brush 

Using the Foam Brush gives you the chance to scrub away at some of the heaviest dirt and grime for a more thorough clean. You’ll be able to lather your car with professional product to leave your car sparkling. 

7. Rinse the foam with a high-pressure rinse

After giving your car a good clean with the foam brush, you can use the High-Pressure Rinse to remove any remaining soap from your vehicle, ensuring all the dirt has been removed.

8. Time to wax

After rinsing your vehicle, it’s time to Wax. Using a water-emulsified sealer, you’ll be able to seal your car’s exterior to help give it a great finish that will help prevent road film build-up that leaves your car looking dirty.

9. Protect your car

Boost your car’s protection with our Clear-Coat Protectant. This is a foaming, low-pressure protectant that adds a clear coat paint finish to give your car a wonderful shiny finish.

10. Give your car a final rinse

The Spot-free Rinse is there to deliver a final clear water rinse that uses treated water to remove any solids that have dissolved during the cleaning process. These solids can cause spotting, ruining your hard work. This final step will ensure your car is left sparkling, ready to head back out on the road.

Additional cleaning for your car’s interior 

After cleaning the outside of your car, don’t forget to do the inside. Clear out any rubbish or put things away in your dashboard or boot as necessary. Use the car wash’s high-powered vacuum cleaner to get rid of any debris or dust, using the long handle to vacuum even the hardest areas to reach. You can wipe over your dashboard, steering wheel, control panel and any handles that could do with a clean.

Finally, if you’re unsure – ask for help

Using a car wash for the first time, or even a new car wash, can be a little confusing. With so many different controls and settings, it’s not always easy to navigate. If you need a little more help, one of the Zoom team will be there to guide you through how it all works. 

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Cleaning your car regularly not only keeps it looking fresh, it can help keep it in good working order too. Zoom Carwash is a family-owned business that’s operated for more than 20 years, providing professional car wash services in Alderley and Holland Park. Visit Zoom Carwash for your next self-service car wash and benefit from a superior clean.