What Car Wash Is Right for You

Who doesn’t love that fresh new car feeling! Clean interiors, glistening windows and a shiny exterior. We all know keeping that ‘new car feeling’ is hard when you’re driving day-to-day and makes getting a regular car wash all the more important.

There are plenty of car wash services available for every kind of car. They each have their own unique benefits which means knowing what car wash is perfect for your car is essential.

Here are some of the most common car wash services that may be best for your vehicle.

Car Wash Service #1: Handwash

If you ask a car detailing expert, the safest way to wash your car is by handwashing. There are different ways a handwash can be done, including one by using a Self Serve Bay at your local car wash or using a bucket and sponge at home. 

Usually, a handwash will start by covering the car with environmentally-friendly soap until it foams and rinsing it off afterwards to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. Doing this at your local self serve car wash is a more convenient way to handwash your car and saves the clean up at home. A good quality soap is designed to break down the dirt and grit on your car exterior, while the sponge will help loosen them. A simple rinse-off with a hose and drying with a microfibre cloth is all that’s required to finish your car wash. 

Car Wash Service #2: Rinseless Wash

A rinse-less car wash is good for those that want to save on water. All that is needed is to take a small amount of rinse-less wash product and mix it into a small bucket of water. The product won’t produce any suds so there will be no need for rinsing. All you need to do is wipe down the area that you have washed with a microfibre cloth.

Rinseless washes can be done using microfibre towels or wash mitts. A lot of car detailers are using the Garry Dean Method, which involves soaking multiple microfibre towels into a bucket filled with water and rinse-less wash product. One microfibre towel will be used at a time by wringing it out and setting it aside to dry. Often, a panel of the car will be sprayed with the pre-wash product and then cleansed using a  soaked microfiber towel.  A dry micro-fibre towel is then used to dry over the washed car exterior. This process will be repeated panel by panel until the entire car is clean. 

Car Wash Service #3: Waterless Wash

A waterless wash involves using multiple microfibre towels and a spray bottle containing a rinse-less car wash product. All that is required is to spray the car’s surface with the waterless wash product and wipe it down with a microfibre towel. This type of method is usually done when one doesn’t have enough time or space for a hand wash, or they are on the road and can’t use water. Generally, this method is used as a last resort or quick fix and is not ideal as a replacement for a handwash or automatic wash. 

The downside of using a waterless wash method is that it doesn’t have the ability to remove heavy areas of dirt. If you just got back from off-roading, a waterless car wash won’t be sufficient for your vehicle. A handwash at your local car wash or even an express tunnel wash would be best. Also, the possibility of dragging some particles across the finish of your vehicle is highly likely, which can cause scratches. 

Car Wash Service #4: Brushless Wash

A brushless wash is similar to an automatic wash, which uses strips of cloth instead of bristles in the car wash machinery. Using soft cloth technology, a brushless wash will clean, polish and dry your car in less than 10 minutes. This is a great option for those needing to clean the car on the run! The good thing about this car wash is that it is fast, less abrasive to avoid any scratches, and super affordable. 

Car Wash Service #5: Automatic Wash

Automatic washes or also popularly known as tunnel washes involves driving your car onto a conveyor belt. Often, automatic washes can be harsh on your car exterior if the wrong technology is in use. At Zoom Car Wash, we use innovative soft cloth technology that ensures your car gets the clean it needs, scratch-free. 

Those who are time-poor yet want a quality car clean prefer automatic or express washes for their affordability and convenience. 

Car Wash Service #6: Touchless Wash

A touchless automatic wash will clean your car without using brushes or bristles. The wash will only involve pressurised air, pressure hoses, and safe cleaning products. People also prefer this type of car wash service because it is less expensive, fast, and minimises the possibility of scratching. 

Getting a Car Wash is Important

If you ritually have your car washed weekly or fortnightly to keep it looking its best, then you’re doing the right thing. If not, then it’s not too late to start! Getting your car washed regularly is important for keeping that ‘new car feeling’ all year round and here are some of the reasons why: 

Avoid Damages

Regular car washes are important to help avoid damages from rain, dirt, mud, and salt that can build up from any off-roading, beach or day-to-day driving adventures. These things can attach to your car’s surface and while this may look unnoticeable at first, it can damage the paint on your car

Improves Safety

When going for a drive, your tires, mirrors, and windows should always be clear of debris. By getting a car wash regularly, you won’t have to worry about dirt affecting window visibility or car function, when travelling. Rest assured that your tires, side mirrors, rear window, and windshield are clean and safe for your next drive

Improves Value

If you are planning on selling your car or trading it in the future, it is essential to keep your car looking great and in tip-top shape. Regularly washing it will prevent dull paint, scratches, rust, and other issues that may ruin the look and value of your car. 

Making Sure Car Washes Don’t Damage Your Car 

Avoid Washing  Near Large and Unstable Objects

If you’re car washing at home, it is important to park your car clear from any large objects or equipment that could scratch your vehicle. Choosing to wash from a self-serve bay at your local car wash can often be a safer choice. Zoom Car Wash self serve bays ensure your car is washed safely and free from any damages, including large obstructive objects. 

Ensure that The Brush and Bristles Are Clean

When using an automatic tunnel wash, it’s always best to ensure that the brush and bristles are free from any debris or particles that can damage the paint of your car. It’s always good to visit a trusted car wash in Brisbane that’s reputable and thoroughly cleans out their equipment for their next customer to ensure that there is no debris left behind. 

Ensure that You’re Using Fresh and Clean Towels

When drying your car, ensure that you are using fresh and clean microfibre towels. This will ensure that there will be no dirt particles from previous washes that may scratch your own car.


Getting your car washed should be easy, safe and convenient. Zoom Car Wash services are designed to help you keep your car in tip-top shape, using environmentally safe products, non-scratch technology while maintaining affordable prices. Visit our Holland Park or Alderly location today.