You’ve got countless options when cleaning your car, yet a drive-thru car wash is comfortably the best option. It presents loads of exceptional benefits when compared to other types of car washes, such as the following: 

Improved Convenience

Nothing rivals the convenience of a drive-thru car wash. You drive your car into the machine and it washes and dries your car within minutes. You barely have to move a muscle and there’s no inconvenience to your day at all. 


Thanks to how quickly a drive-thru wash cleans your car, it means you can go about your daily routine with barely a hiccup involved. Comparatively, if you were to hand-wash your car or pay for a valeting service, it’s going to take a couple of hours at least. All the while, you can’t use your car! Drive-thru car washes provide the ultimate convenience without disrupting your routine or making you wait for ages. 

Better For The Environment

Did you know that drive-thru car washes are better for the environment than manual ones? It’s natural to see big car washes and assume they’re terrible for the planet. In reality, all drive-thru car washes have systems designed to conserve water usage. They use the minimum amount necessary to wash your car – and all the water that’s used will directly clean your car. 


Picking a valet service or washing by yourself will always use more water. Not only that, but it’ll waste so much water too if you leave the hose on by accident. If you want the most eco-friendly way of washing a car, choose a drive-thru. 

Loads Of Extra Features

As well as the convenience, drive-thru car washes provide a host of extra features. This could include a thorough under-car wash that can’t be provided anywhere else. Your car simply sits over a machine that sprays water against the underside, clearing away years of dirt and grime. 


Some drive-thru car wash companies – like Zoom – also offer perks like hand-drying services. Once your car passes through the washing system it gets dried by hand. This negates the presence of smear marks and means you can drive away with a car that looks brand new. If you have some extra minutes on your hands and want your car to be detailed, this can be added as a feature too! 

No Need To Book

Unlike other car wash services, a drive-thru car wash runs without a booking system. Simply turn up, select the wash settings you’re after, pay for the service and then drive into the tunnel. There’s no need to book anything; if you plan things right and get there when there’s no queue, you can literally be done within 5 minutes. 

Better Value For Money

You’ll spend far less on drive-thru car wash services in a lifetime compared to valet services or manual car washes. They’re extremely affordable yet do a more thorough job. This represents exceptional value for money – and at Zoom, every 10th wash is completely free! We also have a Wash Club that helps you save more money if you need to clean your car multiple times a month.