We’ve got to talk about steering wheels.

A study by US researchers has found that steering wheels are 4 times dirtier than toilet seats!

The study found that steering wheels have on average 629 colony-forming units (CFU) of bacteria per square centimetre. This compares with 100 CFU for cell phone screens, 313 CFU for public elevator buttons and 172 CFU for public toilet seats.

While many of us are grossed out or cautious about touching a toilet seat, we don’t think twice about putting our hands on a steering wheel. And it’s that complacency that has allowed them to become festering homes to harmful bacteria.

But which bacteria?

This is where it gets worrying.

The research revealed that the two most common bacteria found in cars are Staphylococcus and Propionibacterium. Staphylococcus is a common cause of skin infections and food poisoning while Propionibacterium can cause both inflammation and infection. These are serious bacteria and we need to take serious steps to counter them.

Before we get to that, how do our steering wheels get so dirty?

Eating in our cars is a big part it.

Food and liquid borne germs are brought into the vehicle and then allowed to spread without facing the same sanitising they would on a table, floor, plate or other commonly cleaned location.

Throughout the day, we also constantly touch objects covered in bacteria: money, railings, door handles, other people (through handshakes) and more. Without thinking, we apply those germs to our steering wheel and allow them to fester.

So, what should you do?

Let our expert detailing team clean the interior of your car. They will thoroughly clean all germ harbouring surfaces including the steering wheel and apply a special antibacterial solution to ensure your car is as safe as possible for you and your passengers.

Our team uses the most advanced products and have meticulous attention to detail. We make sure we don’t miss a spot.

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